Jetran® Writes a New Chapter in Stationery Presentation

Jetran® Writes a New Chapter in Stationery Presentation

Jetran® packaging has been selected for the new range of Nova pencils.  Widely acclaimed as the worlds’ leading design of retractable pencils, Nova has launched the range in Europe and Asia.

Seen for the first time at the recent Paperworld exhibition in Germany, the company have been flooded with orders.  Commenting on the success PDD Head for Camlin Manik Salunkhe stated “We designed the product using colours to differentiate the range of pencil sizes.  This makes it easy for the customer to identify which pencil is best for them.

“We wanted to create a unique packaging in line with our environmental credentials.  We briefed a number of agencies and found that the Jetran® pack answered all our wishes.  The end caps in the pack have been colour matched to our pantone references and the finished packs have a fantastic presence as a retail display.

“More importantly the Jetran® pack has secondary use – firstly for distribution and display and secondly the end customer has packaging they can use for storage and re-use”.

The finished design is very colourful and stands out from the competition when it is in store.

For security the packs are secured using self-adhesive holographic labels.

In bulk production the packaging is supplied in component form with the tubing packed flat and the end caps separate.  This makes shipping and storage very economic – also the carbon footprint of this packaging is very low.

The clear tubing is made using a recycled grade of PET film and the end caps have a 40% recycled content.  Following the successful launch repeat orders have been placed and new designs of packaging for other stationery products within the Camlin range are being worked on.

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Testimonial – Lessiters Chocolatiers

Using Jetbox® for their luxury Salted Caramels, Chunky Mints, Orangettes and Ginger Cubes ranges, Lessiters Chocolatiers director Hans Luder commented:

we have worked with Bell Packaging for over 25 years. When they brought Jetbox® to us we knew this was a great idea. Printed board tubes supplied flat really sold the design. Minimal storage, easy to assemble and all at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Delivery was conducted within four weeks and we are considering the use of other Jetbox® designs to present our 2014 range of luxury truffles.

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