Bell exhibit at the GMMSA Exhibition in Ludhiana, India – 25th – 28th Feb. 2018

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IMG-20180225-WA0010 IMG-20180225-WA0020
IMG-20180225-WA0021 IMG-20180225-WA0011
IMG-20180225-WA0018 IMG-20180225-WA0029
IMG-20180225-WA0003 IMG-20180225-WA0009
IMG-20180225-WA0031 IMG-20180225-WA0013
IMG-20180225-WA0014 IMG-20180225-WA0012


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Testimonial – Lessiters Chocolatiers

Using Jetbox® for their luxury Salted Caramels, Chunky Mints, Orangettes and Ginger Cubes ranges, Lessiters Chocolatiers director Hans Luder commented:

we have worked with Bell Packaging for over 25 years. When they brought Jetbox® to us we knew this was a great idea. Printed board tubes supplied flat really sold the design. Minimal storage, easy to assemble and all at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Delivery was conducted within four weeks and we are considering the use of other Jetbox® designs to present our 2014 range of luxury truffles.

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